What does the treatment involve?

  • The therapy starts with a detailed interview.
  • Then then the testing of your body energy takes place, to detect causal burdens.
    It’s done with the Holosan SingleMatik® testing system and 2 adhesive electrodes placed in the palms of your hands. So the testing is very efficient and hygienic, and I can keep sufficient distance to you.
  • After that, I customize a harmonizing program, which you receive via magnetic heads sitting in a relaxed position.

Ideally, you will notice a positive impact right after the session. You will feel more vital, existing pain is going away and your energy is coming back.

However, your body may detox and you may feel a little tired. This means that your body reacts and eliminates toxins or energetic blockades, and is a good sign.

First session: 1.5 to 2 hours
Following sessions: about 1 hour

The kind of your physical symptoms will determine the number of sessions needed. On average, 5 to 10 sessions in intervals of 2 to 4 weeks will be appropriate.

Cost reimbursement
The Austrian social health insurance doesn’t compensate costs for Bioresonance.
However private supplementary insurances have interesting offers for alternative medicine.
If you have a private insurance contract, please find out, whether it proportionally covers costs for Bioresonance.

Invoices for Bioresonance can be claimed at the employee tax assessment (Austrian annual tax declaration).

Please note that Bioresonance is a holistic approach and has a modifying effect. In case of illness you should always consult a doctor. Bioresonance will then help you to get back into balance again.