Bioresonance – harmonizing vibrations

Bioresonance is a German technique, which has proven to complement traditional medicine more than 30 years. It analyses and balances the body’s energy and helps with disorders that strain the body.

It is based on the fact, that every single cell, every organ and body tissues, as well as any other substance, like viruses, bacteria or pollen etc., emit energy in form of electromagnetic vibrations.

Imagine your body as a system of energy. As long as this energy stays at the right frequency and can flow freely, everything is fine.

Yet, in our modern world, we are permanently exposed to influencing factors, like stress, allergens, toxins or infections, which can disrupt the energy flow and its harmonious frequency. That is why a healthy organism vibrates differently from a strained one.

This is where Bioresonance comes into play. It adjusts the body’s energy to a correct frequency. The body vibrates harmoniously again and activates its defenses and self-healing powers.

Latest findings in quantum and biophysics confirm that vibration information play an important role within physical and biological systems, even seem to have a superordinate control function. This might prove the fundamental principles of Bioresonance, yet not accepted by the prevailing doctrine.

Bioresonance is a complementary and a cause-oriented approach. As a holistic method, Bioresonance deals intensively with causal influences on a disturbance and not only with its symptoms. It can be an ideal complement to a conventional medical treatment.